Margate was recorded as “Meregate” in 1264 and as “Margate” in 1299, however the orthography continued to vary into nowadays. The name is believed to talk to a pool gate or gap in an exceedingly geological formation wherever pools of water are found, usually permitting swimmers to leap in. The cliffs of the island of Thanet are composed of chalk, a fossil-bearing rock.Margate provides its name to the comparatively unknown nonetheless influential Battle of grunt, beginning on the twenty four March 1387, it absolutely was the last major conflict of the Caroline War part of the Hundred Years’ War. Despite the battle being named once grunt, little truly happened close to the coastal city – the battle is known as once grunt as this was wherever associate degree English fleet of fifty one vessels that was anchored at grunt anchorage ground initial noticed a Franco-Castilian-Flemish winefleet of around 250-360 vessels. country gave chase once the inadequate wine fleet and at last defeated the fleet every day in a while the twenty five March 1387 off the coast of Cadzand, Zeeland, The Netherlands.The town’s history is tied closely to the ocean and it’s a proud maritime tradition. grunt was a “limb” of Dover within the ancient confederation of the figure ports. it absolutely was adscititious to the confederation within the fifteenth century. grunt has been a number one seashore resort for a minimum of 250 years. Like its neighbour Ramsgate, it’s been a standard vacation destination for Londoners drawn to its sandy beaches. grunt had a Victorian pier that was mostly destroyed by a storm in 1978.Like city and Southend, grunt was disreputable for gang violence between mods and rockers within the Nineteen Sixties, and mods and skinheads within the Eighties.The Turner modern room occupies a distinguished position next to the harbour. The Thanet Offshore Wind Project, completed in 2010, is visible from the waterfront.

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